Recapping the Last Week of New York Rangers Hockey

Boy oh boy, what a week it has been for the New York Rangers. I think everyone can agree that you become a little bit nervous after an all star break – did the boys continue to hit the gym or black out on Mai Tais in Puerto Vallarta? Not only do you have to worry about a minor step back in terms of performance but the Rangers had to face-off against 3 potential playoff teams in their 4 total games. The Flames, Kraken and Hurricanes are no joke and would serve as an indicator of where the Rangers stood as they embark on a playoff push that we all hope and dream ends in a Stanley Cup.

The Jacob Trouba Show

Jacob Trouba might not be the strongest skater, or puck handler or make the best decisions night in and night out but what I can tell you is that this guy is the pulse of the New York Rangers. We saw it last year, right? When the Rangers looked flat, he would send someone up to the 400’s and the boys would start buzzing. We saw it against Chicago when he fought twice in one period, smashed his helmet on the ice and screamed at the bench. When Trouba hits, the boys listen. These two hits were an absolute thing of beauty. They say for every Trouba hit a Penguin loses its wings and maybe that’s why Penguins are an irrelevant animal – can you imagine being a fucking bird and you can’t even fly? What a loser.

What a pussy ass bird.

Trouba is 2023’s Scott Stevens. You cant necessarily smash someone in the face with your body anymore (even though Pitt fans will tell you that’s what he does), Trouba patrols the blue line like no other defenseman in the league almost baiting and daring an opposing forward to try it. It’s time to punch that time card Riggins.

*do it*

Welcome Vladi Daddy and Niko

It only took the second shift for Vladi to make his presence known and turn an already dangerous Rangers team into the John Wick of the East.

Adding Tarasenko to this Rangers group is borderline unfair. Take a look at the Rangers team last year, you know, the one that made the eastern conference finals and compare it to this years team. 

Obviously adding a guy who has scored 40 goals in 91 playoff games is a huge boost but when was the last time the Rangers had legit 6 NHL caliber defenseman?

You ask a question and you get the Rangers stat boy to spit the truth. Thank you, Steven.

The boys are deep and about to get deeper?

Vitali Kravtsov Loves Me, Vitali Kravtsov Loves Me Not

Death, taxes, and Kravstov wants out of NY.

Okay, so the Rangers aren’t entirely innocent here. There were decisions made over the last few years that I think they would got back and change – having said that, 74 hasn’t done himself any favors either. Imagine if he just went to Hartford last season. Imagine if he tore up the AHL, developed, understood the size of an American rink and didn’t dummy himself every other game he’s out there? Earlier this season you needed to make him a bubble boy just to make sure he made it out of an NHL game in one piece. Does he have talent? For sure. Do I think he’s Matty Beniers like one of the charts say?

L oh fucking L. I do believe analytics can help determine the effectiveness of a player, but when you have someone tweet out a chart saying “I’m not saying this but… here’s a chart that says 74 is essentially Matty Beniers” it kind of throws everything out the door. 

This took me all of 3 seconds to make and it’s correct so suck on that nerds.

Larry Brooks keeps throwing the idea around of acquiring The Oxbow Ox, Tanner Jeannot.

I love it for two reasons – our fourth line would be a physical problem for any team in the playoffs and secondly, the people who don’t understand that your team needs jam for it to go places and think Nic Petan is the answer would look exactly like this below.

That gif will never, ever get old.

The Rangers now have the Canucks, Oilers and Flames in the coming weeks. I forget who tweeted this but you have to remember a couple things: Leon Diva Draisaitl knocking Troubas stick out of his hands after a goal earlier his year and Milan Lucic wanting to kill Sammy Blais could add a little snarl in these games. Buckle up for a west coast trip, Rangers fans. I love this shit.

Author: Ked

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