Brad Marchand is a Goddamn Hero

This post is a direct response to my delusional co-host on The Morning Skate. Earlier today his attempt at humor didn’t land and I am concerned about his mental state and wanted to give a counter point. Don’t be angry poor, sweet, troubled Keddy, you know not of what you speak. Poor little lamb, I’m not mad at you, I’m just disappointed. In the vein of “even a broken clock is right twice a day” you actually hit on a few points.

Yes, the Bruins are a wagon and the path to the Eastern Conference Finals runs through TD (The Real) Garden and no one in the league has been better so far this season than your hometown Boston Bruins. And while the Rags have added some nice pieces (I mean they didn’t perfectly address their needs like the Bruins did masterfully yesterday – A GM from BU isn’t as good as one from Harvard I guess), the most inconsequential Original Six team in the NHL is a long way away from being mentioned in the same breath as the Black and Gold.

Are these the banners you hang? Pathetic.

And how dare you besmirch the name of Brad Marchand; the pride of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Has there ever been a more misunderstood player in the NHL than Marchy? Sure, you talk suspensions and punishments and toss around calls for fines, but for what I ask you? Trying to make sure that Oliver Bjorkstrand didn’t fall too hard and hurt himself? The video clearly shows Marchand trying to gently lay down the Kraken player. With those hideous sweaters on, Marchand was concerned that Bjorkstrand was blinded and couldn’t find his way to the ice.

People want to talk about Marchand’s history of so-called “low bridge” checks. C’mon. You have a player with less stature throwing a hip check that other players inexplicably try to jump over. Those players are putting themselves in vulnerable positions as Marchand tries to play the game clean. Look at Sami Salo throw himself over Marchand in this clip, it should have been 2mins for embellishing on Salo.

Watch the clip below as Marchand tries to point out to Pyotr Kochetkov that his leg pad buckle was undone. Safety doesn’t take a holiday and neither does Marchand with his concern for his fellow player. Can you imagine the injury that may have occurred if Kochetkov skated over the leg strap? It could have been a devastating injury. Frankly, Kochetkov still owes Marchy a thank you for saving his career, if not his life.

You want more evidence? Here’s Sidney Crosby hanging onto Marchand and not letting him get back in the play. This is the marquee player of the league clearly interfering with Marchand and yet no call. I mean how dirty can you be Sid?

And where does this vilifying of Marchand come from? Why all the hate from Ked and other members of Rags Nation (man is that not the perfect nickname for Rangers fans online)? Could it be that the NYR had hoped to be getting a Marchand level player when they instead ended up with what is clearly an inferior model?

Oh, it’s the lick you say. The infamous lick of Ryan Callahan. What I see in this clip is Marchand worried about Callie’s hygiene and trying to help him avoid a staph infection. If that’s not the epitome of caring for your fellow player, than I don’t know what is. You can clearly see Callahan thanking him afterwards as the feed cuts to a commercial. This is why Marchand is voted one of the most popular players in the league year in and year out.

I mean if you want to talk about dirty players on “not ready for prime time” teams, look no further than the captain (that’s right, that’s with an intentional little c) of the NYR Jacob Trouba. This guy is a predatory player out there looking to hurt people. He shouldn’t be suspended, he should be thrown in jail.

I mean the interwebs are full of Trouba dirty hits. Here’s another suspension worthy play.

Oh my bad. That’s Matt Martin of the TRUE New York hockey team sending Trouba to the shadow realm. Good, Trouba got what he deserved. The guy is as dirty as Tom Wilson.

Compared to Trouba, Marchand is an angel. All Marchy does is play the game hard and to the letter of the law and these soyboy Ranger fans can’t handle it. I mean when the future face of your franchise starts a fight with a smaller player and then turtles like a bitch, you have to lash out I guess.

I can only surmise that Ked is working through some things. He’s being erratic and shooting takes from the hip that are clearly signs of something else going on. I hope he finds some inner peace and maybe talks to someone about his Black and Gold envy. Frankly I’m partly to blame as I’ve seen him spiraling for weeks now and I should have stepped in, but I wanted him to try and work things out on his own. Hand up, that’s my bad. I mean the guy admitted he hated kids multiple times on last week’s podcast. If that’s not a cry for help I don’t know what is. I’m hoping Keddy can find some tranquility when the NYR get dusted in the opening round and he has a nice long summer to find that balance in his life. I’ll be at the parade.

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