Should Brad Marchand be Suspended For Slew Footing Oliver Bjorkstrand Last Night?

This is strictly a troll article. No offense Oliver but I could care less. The New York Rangers and Boston Bruins are currently in an arms race to see who will represent the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup finals. I said it on last weeks podcast, in order to be the best – you have to beat the best. The Bruins have lost only 8 games in regulation this year so I think it’s pretty easy to identify who the best is at this point in time. Having said that, the Rangers got Tarasenko, Mikola, Motte and they’re about to get Patrick Kane. The Broadway Blueshirts can do all the picking up they want but it won’t matter unless they beat the big, bad, Bruins – who by the way seem to always get everything they ever want out of the league and more than likely will continue to do so moving forward (Hello Marty Walsh).

The Rangers play the Bruins next saturday at 1pm, a day after the deadline. I fucking hate matinee games but the boys better be fucking ready to go. I’m not on the roster so I will be doing my part to get in the heads of all Bruins fans from now until the end of the year. Brownie and Hal – if you’re reading this – we are at war. I know you read the headline to this article and got a little hot and bothered. This is only the beginning.

Oh, for those who actually care:

Author: Ked

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