There comes a time when your friend needs an intervention, and for our sweet prince Jordan Binnington that time was last night.

Sometimes it’s because your friend keeps going back to that ex that makes Tristan Thompson look like a loyal partner. Sometimes it’s because your friend is half a fifth of liquor deep by noon on a Tuesday and keeps saying they’re “stressed because it’s the end of Q1”. Sometimes it’s because some guy has started looking up to Andrew Tate far too much. For Blues fans, the time for an intervention for our friend Jordan Binnington came last night.

Look, I am a huge Jordan Binnington guy. I love having a goalie that actually shows emotion, while most goalies have the personality of someone who works for the IRS. Performance-wise, I think you could argue he’s been our best player this year because his stats don’t even come close to telling the whole story (our defense is simply poo poo). But doing this when your team is bottom 8 in the NHL, has made it as public as you possibly can that you suck and are tanking, and you just gave up your 5th goal of the night halfway through the game….not a good look for you, or the boys in blue. We are already a laughing stock compared to last year, and acting the way Binnington did last night was just kicking ourselves while we’re down. It even got him chirped by even one of the most polite men in hockey, Henrik Lundqvist.

Binnington has been doing this all season, with it even getting to a point where he received a ricochet shot from Berube in a post game presser essentially telling him to shut up and just play goalie. Last night would be like if your friend got absolutely wrecked in a bar fight, then after he got up bought the bar a round of shots and said a cocky toast. It just isn’t a good look.

That being said, as fans we got ROBBED of the first goalie fight in the NHL since Cam Talbot and Mike Smith dropped the mits in 2020. Marc-Andre Fleury has publicly said he wants to get into one goalie fight before his hall of fame career ends, and last night might be the best chance he gets before hanging up the skates. The refs preventing that fight from happening last night is a crime against humanity, one that cannot go unpunished. My suggestion? The walk of shame from Game of Thrones at Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final, or they have to go 3 rounds in the ring with Ryan Reaves.

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