Let Them Fight

Jordan Binnington is afraid. Jordan Binnington is a baby. Jordan Binnington is a clown. The ABC’s of Jordan Binnington. Heard it all before and I love the criticism. Jordan Binnington is a warrior who plays with passion and emotion. Yes, he gets heated in the moment and comes unglued at times but what elite hockey player doesn’t?

Brady Tkachuk and Jordan Binnington are two of the most competitive athletes in the game. Tkachuk doesn’t get nearly as much criticism as Binnington. In the past two weeks, Brady has challenged both the Red Wings and Blackhawks benches.

The Sens are fighting for a playoff spot while the Blues are officially in on the Connor Bedard race. If Brady was a goalie would he catch the same amount of heat as Binnington? I feel like the two share a similar game but play completely opposite positions. Brady Tkachuk has 98 PIMs this season with six fights. So what’s the difference between Tkachuk and Binnington? Binnington isn’t allowed to fight because he is a goaltender? I see two hockey players who are extremely competitive and play the game with a certain type of grit we don’t normally see from other players. The NHL should embrace the villain role Jordan Binnington is playing and let him fight. Pure entertainment and something we need more of if the NHL wants to compete with the NFL and NBA.

Last night, we COULD have had the fight of the decade. Something many fans have been looking forward to all season is a fight from Jordan Binnington. It was right there at our fingertips and the zebras just take it away? This was a HUGE opportunity on TNT to grab massive ratings but seems like the cartoon hockey game was enough for the NHL. Between these two games it’s hard for me not to think Gary Bettman and the NHL are trying to phase out fighting.

The game used to be so much more physical and called for enforcers which has now seemed to be a rarity in the league. Today’s game is extremely fast where fighting seems to have taken a back seat at least in the NHL. We need less of this like the embarrassment below and more goalie fights; or at the very least let Jordan Binnington fight somebody. Who knows, he might get the wheels beat off him if someone like Ryan Reaves had a chance to fight the hot headed goalie.

Jordan Binnington is good for the growth of the league and hopefully we see him in a fight soon. Call him a whiny cry baby but the bottom line is we need more players like him in the game. The Blues and Wild play one more time this season and if the NHL knows what’s good for them we will see the goalie fight everybody’s been waiting for…

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