Sign Off From Matthews

It had to end at some point, but it certainly still stings to go home short of the final game of the NCAA hockey season. Your Northeastern Huskies; winners of 6 straight Hockey East crowns, 3 straight years with a trip to the Frozen Four and the defending Beanpot Champions, lost in the Frozen Four to Ohio State a little over a week ago. Hopefully with time comes some perspective and the sting of the loss fades from memory as we look back on this special group while turning our eyes to the future.

These grad students will all be missed. There is no way around that. Alina Müeller, Chloé Aurard, Maureen Murphy, Mia Brown and Maude Poulin-Labelle: your individual and collective absences will be felt up and down Huntington Ave. That first line, The 600 Point Line, will be leaving some big skates to fill in terms of on-ice play and leadership. All 3 of them play in all situations and can there be a scarier sight for opposing netminders than seeing these 3 beauticians come at you in full flight? Mia Brown’s forecheck and wall work were great examples of hard work and tenacity for the younger players – she is nothing if not relentless. Brown also showed every game that the battle in front of the net doesn’t have to favor the defense, talk about heart. And MPL? Every time up the ice with that big smile on her face as she skated with the puck; is there not a more fitting embodiment of “are we having fun or what?” I think The Captain’s post said it all when you realize the impact they’ve had as players and more importantly, as people, during their time at Northeastern.

So what’s next for the Huskies? Well, all-galaxy goalie Gwyneth Philips will be back. She finished her senior year with 33 goals allowed in 38 games played (read that again) for a 0.87GAA. Philips also had a .960% save percentage to go along with her 34-3-1 record (including 10 shutouts). Plainly put, Philips is the best goalie in the NCAA – full stop. I mean they gave her the goaltender of the year award, but I think the 2nd pic is more accurate.

On the back end, the Huskies will be returning quite a group. Captain Canada herself (or Maple Leaf Meg : that nickname debate still rages on) Megan Carter will be back to lead the Husky defense. The best defender in Hockey East will be joined by (soon to be) seniors Lily Yovetich and Abbey Marohn; one D that eats pucks like donuts and the other D that eats opposing forwards’ souls. The growth shown by these 2 defenders over the course of this season was nothing short of outstanding. Tory Mariano is still out there somewhere in Boston making sure at all times that no one comes within 5 feet of Philips and Jules Constantinople will look to build upon a remarkable freshman campaign. Taylor Guarino speaks to the depth of the squad on the back end and oh wait did you all forget about Kristina Allard? Yeah that’s right, she’s got a bionic wheel now so you’re all officially on notice as she’s itching to get back out there.

Up front there’s some spots up for grabs, but some returning weapons as well. The Premier Power Forward in Women’s Hockey Today Katy Knoll will be resuming her role as everyone’s favorite person to have on your team and opponents’ “not so much fun to play against” choice. If you remember, she broke the news that she’d be coming back when she joined me on the podcast (not a big deal). I will say this about Knoll, she is the runaway leader as the favorite Husky player poll conducted by my daughter. Put it this way, the Daughter of Brownie is a HUGE Katy Knoll supporter.

Alongside Knoll, Peyton “The Matrix” Anderson, and Taze Thompson showed great chemistry down the stretch, and another year together will just increase their complimentary games. Behind them it was Lily Shannon and The Mayor of Kingston Skylar Irving with Holly Abela. That leaves a lot of slots to fill. Can you imagine the havoc that Nailgun Lily Brazis will do with a regular shift? Holy smokes do I feel bad for Hockey East defenders (but I can’t wait to see it!). The kid was electric every time she was on the ice last year. Kate Holmes, Molly Griffin and Peyton Cullaton will be pushing for minutes with their play and experience. And speaking of experience, what will Mia Langlois, Alyssa Antonakis and “The Little Matrix” Avery Anderson be able to do with a year of Husky Hockey under their belts?

This incoming freshman are deep and talented. With a couple of U18 phenoms mixed in there, this class will be expected to contribute from Day 1 and will push returning players. Steel sharpens steel remember. And what was that noise? I believe that’s the transfer portal being propped wide open and ready for anyone who wants to experience some of the immaculate vibes that one gets from Historic Matthews Arena.

So while we say so long to some truly remarkable players this year; they can rest assured that the legacy they helped craft will continue to thrive. From everyone who’s watched you play, who’s gotten to know you, and cheered you on: we simply say thank you.

For those who haven’t had a chance to watch/listen to the NU interviews on the podcast, we’ve created a Howlin’ Huskies channel on our YouTube page. Amongst our regular scheduled weekly nonsense, you can find all the interviews here. And frankly, if you haven’t listened yet, what are you waiting for?

For those leaving NU, please remember that all roads lead to beer league and when you’re ready, give me a call. I’m happy to move to my off-wing if you want to hop in. Until then, I’ll see you next Sept at the rink. I’ll be up above center ice with Todd on my wing.

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Author: Brownie

A legacy that was born on the frozen rivers in Northern Saskatchewan then forged on the ponds of New England. Plays with the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet; always living by the credo handed down by generations of beer-league beauties that came before him. Skate Hard - Quick Changes - Win the Parking Lot.

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