We Have a Goalie Fight.. In Beer League!

Paint the picture: It’s probably Sunday night, it’s probably 9:40 and somewhere somehow the hockey gods decided to grace us with a beer league goalie fight.

This goalie fight started how all others start with a casual get together behind the net leading to teammates from both squads joining the pile. I desperately wanted to see the other goalie skate from one end to the other much like Hextall when we saw the greatest goalie fight in the history of time.

When I didn’t see this happen, I wondered how it would start. Again, is this a cruel prank? Was that the “fight”? But then we saw the goalie in blue go full hardo and skate down the ice. If you’re the other goalie you can’t turn this down – you can’t not accept a challenge to participate in one of the best things to happen in all sports. They had quite the spirited bout as they went toe to toe at center ice in front of a raucous crowd of 3 people but I wanted to give this guy a shoutout.

Safety first!

Hey NHL linesman, take notes. When goalies want to go, stand on the other end of the ice with your back against the wall and watch the show.

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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