Keds Corner and Rangers Recap: Preseason Game 1 vs. Devils

Boy oh boy did I miss hockey. Nothing better than hanging out with your old man watching your team play some puck. I thought the Rangers looked alright for the most part in their first preseason game against the Devils. I had a few points I wanted to talk about, so having said that here... Continue Reading →


What To Expect From Chicago In 2018-19

I’m sure we were all disappointed in the results of the Blackhawks season in 2018. 9 consecutive playoff appearances came abruptly to an end with a last place finish in the Central Division. It’s not like Stan Bowman made a splash this offseason either, only signing Chris Kunitz, Brandon Manning, and Cam Ward. So, what... Continue Reading →

The Morning Skate 25% off Sale

Hey guys, it’d Ked. I’m new to the merch game and this may be dumb, but I’m putting all of our stuff on sale from now until the end of the month. Why? Well two reasons. I really appreciate all of our followers. It’s awesome to be able to do this stuff and have people... Continue Reading →

JRZ Hockey Bags Are LEGIT

A few weeks ago JRZ sent the ked a couple hockey bags and they did NOT disappoint. Okay so let me break it down for you. Appearance: Rihanna/10     These bags look like the real god damn deal. They were able to put both logos on the bag and to be honest I still... Continue Reading →

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