Power Move City: Today I Learned That Erik Karlsson Packs Snus During Games

If you want to know what is going on in the NHL, check out The Morning Skate but also check out hockey reddit. There are some unreal hockey topics and discussions in the reddit world and is an awesome spot to find out what is going on in the NHL. Having said that, did anyone... Continue Reading →


How are Ottawa Senators Fans Doing? Ask my Friend Brian

https://twitter.com/brian5or6/status/967940307131207680 So over the past week it’s come to everybody’s attention that Erik Karlsson may be traded from Ottawa. Why? Who the fuck knows, but yeah it could actually happen. https://twitter.com/TSN1200/status/967447383444475904 Needless to say, fans have not been too pleased. https://twitter.com/Figdbl/status/967500520934944768 Okay, pinch yourself quick. Could Ottawa actually be serious about this?! Why is there... Continue Reading →

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