Keds Conference Finals Predictions

Washington vs. Tampa Bay This is going to be a hard hitting series. Both teams are made up of guys name Brooks Orpik, Tom Wilson, Alex Kilhorn, Ryan Callahan and Chris Kunitz. I don’t think we’ve seen an overly physical type series until now. Other than physicality, what other superstars are going to show up?... Continue Reading →


Eastern Conference Final Preview

I went 0 for 2 in the second round for the Eastern Conference. I wrote my piece on how all the Tampa fans out there should be thanking me so I'm moving straight to Shittsburgh and Caps. Like I have said a million times before. Playoffs are all about your offense. The Penguins forwards looked... Continue Reading →

Papa’s Take On Brad Marchand

I keep going back and forth about Brad Marchand. Is he a scum bag? Is he just an agitator? He does so many good things out on the ice, it's a shame that he has to be so weird. I don't understand the licking or the kissing and by that standard Brad is a loser... Continue Reading →

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