It’s Almost ODR Season

We’re supposed to get a snow storm tonight here in Upstate NY and it got me thinking— We’re getting pretty close to pond hockey season. Last year we had a blast. We took over the Saratoga Springs Frozen Classic: I wrote a blog letting you know what you would need to show up with... Continue Reading →


The Secret to The Montreal Canadiens Great Start? Pickle Juice

A report came out last night that the boys up in Montreal are rubbing pickle juice all over themselves because “It feels good.” Where did this trend come from? Le capitaine. Now, I know PK Subban has more points than Shea Weber has games played since the trade but this, well, this is... Continue Reading →

Papa’s Plays For Monday 11/12/18

For anyone who has been following my plays, I want to apologize for my weekend plays. Saturday and Sunday have been absolutely terrible for me. Yesterday was completely bad. I have to limit myself and just stick to NHL. I tagged this random guy on twitter for early NFL plays and after last weekend where... Continue Reading →

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