Battle of New York: Varsity vs. Junior Varsity


Oh boy do I live for nights like tonight. The New York Varsity Rangers take on the Junior Varsity Islanders tonight in another yet spirited battle for bragging rights. Although, to be honest, this year has been very very weird. Out of all NHL teams I hate the Islanders probably the most but it’s just not fun when they suck as they have for the last 30+ years. This is where Islanders fans say “We’ve won so many more cups… blah blah blah”- Buddy, chill out. At least I was alive the last time our teams have won a cup- but that’s neither here nor there.

The best thing that’s happened all year to the Islanders is the firing of Jack Capuano. Since then the Islanders have gone 8-3-3 and pulled to 3 points out of the last wildcard spot. The team still has JT, who is probably top 5 centers in the game, and the Islanders always have depth. Nick Leddy is having a stellar year for the fishsticks but where they’ve been questionable for what seems like forever is in the cage. NYI- quick tip- get a legit #1 goalie and maybe you’ll win more than 1 playoff series through the last 10 years.

Rangers are coming in tonight 8-2 in their last 10 and winners of 6 straight. Hayes, Miller and Grabner have turned into the team’s most consistent line almost overnight. Nash seems to be playing like long haired big dick rick from his first year and driving the net (I can’t actually believe it). Zucc is still playmaking (top 5 in the league and if you don’t agree jump off a cliff) and Kreider seems to have grown into a more mature roll. The D is always suspect but Kleiner just had a pretty good game and you can always rely on the captain to try and figure stuff out. Lastly, the Rangers most important piece is finally playing with confidence and if I’m the rest of the league I’d start becoming a little worried. The King could very well be back.

The two teams played earlier this year but it didn’t really seem like a rivalry (probably because the Islanders are joke) but hey go Isles! Big win in December! Huge! lol. Season record is 1-1 right now as they get ready to play at Barclay center or Brooklyns White SUVs Garage. However, I can never go against my boys. That’s called loyalty, look it up. Rangers top the JV squad 4-2.

Oh. Also- How is chimera aloud to talk to the press? Arguably the most irrelevant hockey player in history. Super fucking ugly too- Oh well, enjoy your spotlight Jason.

I’ll just leave the videos here to get the boys goin’.

Poor, Poor Jason Blake

Ryan Hollweg almost dies

^lol at Sam Rosens call to that^

Epic Battle

^absolute legendary names in this battle royal^


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