Marc Bergevin… you do have a plan right?

Not only do you go out and trade two of your previous first round draft picks who are both young defensemen, but you also go and acquire another left winger and fail to pick up a number one center? Where are ya headed bud, do you know what team your making trades for right now?

Lets digress, to begin with Montreal NEEDS a number one center, they have for years and that problem is not going to go away. Now they were pretty set up the left side with Pacioretty and Galchenyuk, because Galchenyuk for some reason cant play center?? Like bud are you kidding me you were drafted 3rd overall and now your game goes to shit in the middle but on the wing your OK.. try a little harder next time your put there. Back to the Habs, They have a future top pairing D who is also their number one trade chip in last years first round pick Sergachev, a young Beaulieu who is also a first round pick looks to be a solid top six guy next year, add that to what they already have and their D isn’t looking to bad for next season.

So then they go ahead and trade Sergachev for Jesus Christ… I mean Jonathin Drouin, but if you listen to the fans in Montreal right now it feels like they got the second coming of Christ. Follow that up with a trade of Beaulieu for a third round pick, yes only a third round pick…., and then Vegas picks Emelin off their roster because somehow I think vegas thinks its 3 D and 2 forewards on the ice based off of all the D they picked up… still a little unclear on the game of hockey out there I guess, Markov is demanding high money for a 40 year old so he’s still not signed, and that leaves the Habs with three, THREE D that played last year (Weber, Petry, Benn). It also leaves them with three top end left wings, (Patches, Galchenyuk, Drouin), no number one center and their top trade chip gone!

Listen I obviously know there has to be more moves coming for the Habs… I just don’t see where, there’s no top center talent on the open market unless you want 40 year old Jumbo Joe to throw sauce all day or third line center Nick Bonino who looks good because he played behind Crosby and Malkin the last couple of years, I mean how easy can it be playing against teams third pairings all year because the top four guys have to deal with two of the best players in the league before they even think about you, lets just say this, Nick Bonino your name was never the one circled on an opposing teams whiteboard before a game.

The Habs also didn’t make a trade at the draft and it also looks as though Radulov is going to walk, which if we take a look at that situation for a second …. the guy is like 33 years old, scored a total of 18 goals and is demanding like 7 million a year?? Cocksucker daddy did I miss something here where you think you deserve a 7 million a year pay day, like your name on the score sheet about 22 more times.

Bottom line here folks, with free agency beginning tomorrow KEEP YOUR EYES ON MARC BERGEVIN. This guys not afraid to make big moves and he’ll definitely be busy this week.

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