DJ Zumie’s Locker Room Playlist

When your teammate hands you the aux cord in the locker room you now have the world on your shoulders. If you ever played on any sort of team you know that the aux cord is the most crucial part of any pregame and postgame turn up. Some may be shook, some may be nervous but when DJ Zumie drops the bass, it’s almost a guaranteed W for the boys.

To say that I was mediocre at hockey in my college days is an absolute stretch, but if I knew how to do one thing right it was to get the boys going before a game. To be honest, when I plug that aux cord, I close my eyes and picture myself on stage with Avicii in front of thousands of fans.

There are a few things to remember when you are creating a playlist for the boys:

  • If you don’t have a Ke$ha song you might as well not even bring your iPhone into the locker room. This talented American singer-songwriter makes nothing but bangers and whether its Tik-Tok or die young, you cant leave it off the playlist.
  • If someone tells you your playlist sucks, they have terrible taste in music.
  • Create a playlist that an average 14-year-old girl would like. EDM, shitty pop music, and mash-ups are encouraged. Picture the festival girls with flower crowns; anything they would like is good by me.
  • While sometimes I like my music to be mainstream, its ok to be exclusive. Let the boys know you did hours of searching to find this banger. You are the master of the aux cord; don’t let them tell you any different.
  • It’s ok to add a rap song…just don’t get carried away.


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