Kevin Klein: One Tough SOB

Unless you’re living underneath a rock, Kevin Klein retired from the NHL today. Acquired by the Rangers for D-man Michael Del Zotto, Klein immediately made a name for himself. For those of us who believe in fighting and standing up for teammates, Kleiner seemed to be the lone man (other than Glass) who would not shy away from fisticuffs. I will always remember Klein as being that kind of a teammate- selfless and tough as nails.





Now after watching those videos you may think he was just sort of “goon”. Goon is essentially a term describing a player who can’t do anything but fight or cheap shot (see Zac Rinaldo). If you think this, you are very incorrect. Klein played solid rough and rowdy defense but at the same time had a gift for stepping up in big moments.




The one game I will always remember was when he got his ear ripped off against the Penguins. I call into work whenever I sneeze. Why? I tell people it’s because I don’t want to get others sick. In reality, I’d rather just lay in bed and crush The Office all day. After typing that, I can’t imagine what I would do if half of my ear was ripped off. I’d say the last thing I would want to do would be any sort of strenuous physical activity. Kevin Klein though? Ha, watch this video quick.



Kevin Klein, you were an awesome Ranger. You kept it low key to most, but you were undoubtedly a fan favorite. Thank you for everything you did. Now go take a break and catch some rays. Shampoo the man bun and get on with life. We’ll miss you Optimus Klein.

Author: Ked

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