The Morning Skate To Play In #HockeyFightsMS Tournament

If you’ve read my beer league story or listened to any of our podcasts you should know one thing: on pretty much all accounts, I am a winner. Other than 2 pond hockey tournaments, I’ve won just about every single tournament I’ve ever played in. I’m coming off of a back to back summer to winter repeat in the Molson league, the Capital Districts best hockey league by a mile. This tournament should not and will not be any different.

Myself, Hal, Bus Dev Dale, and DJ Zumie are taking our talents to Burlington, VT this weekend where we will look to take a championship home for Team Barrelhouse. Brett will be there too looking to go 0-3, Ts and Ps Brett. Not only are we going to win this tournament, we are bringing the thunder. Bus Dev Dale is taking his Fun-For-5 RV up to the parking lots of Leddy Ice Arena where we will be doing a live podcast, interviews, and getting lit as a clog. If you see an RV with a big ass sign that looks like this:

Morning Skate Banner 2.jpg

Come over and have a beer. Expect to have Zumies playlist spinning in the background and come out to make memories.

Now on to a more serious note, this tournament is the real deal. All proceeds from this tournament go to MS research as we search and battle for a cure. If you are willing to make a donation to a GREAT cause be sure to click this link and let it rip. Seriously, we appreciate everyone who has donated- it means the world.

If you read this be sure to share it. If you see this on twitter be sure to RT it. We only have about 24 hours until the start of the tournament and we’re looking to make some serious noise.

Author: Ked

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