Mika Zibanejad Signs. DJ SPIN THAT SHIT!

By avoiding an arbitration ruling, the New York Rangers have signed their #1 center to a 5 year 5.35 million dollar deal today.

There it is, Mika Zibanejad has officially been given the keys to the castle. What’s the first order of business? Hmm…






DJ ZIB.png

We Came. We Raved. We Loved. BETTER BELIEVE that was my playoff shirt this year.

I absolutely love this deal. Why? Because I love Zibanejad. The guy is 24 years old, who, without injury, would’ve hit back to back 50 point seasons last year. He can skate, hes a right handed shot, and if he can work on his One T (maybe hitting the net), he will become a very VERY dangerous player for the Rangers. Not only is he young but he is only going to get better. Young, Swedish, and he’s a DJ. The guy who holds the AUX cord plays a vital role in any lockerroom, just ask DJ Zumie. Pay the man, Spin the beats and lets win a fucking Cup.

MIKA FUN FACT OF THE DAY: I decided to get a Mika Zibanejad haircut at the beginning of the summer. Completely forgot about my fat ass face, so it’s safe to say that I didn’t look the greatest. Not 2 days later, the girl thought it’d be a good idea to meet her parents. I was capital V hesitant, but I decided Sure Why not. So there I was, standing in her living room, with a stupid Mika Zibanejad hair cut and my front tooth missing (hockey stick accident and forgot the flipper at home). Her parents first thought had to have been, “Well this kid has seen some shit.” Oh well, the Rangers have their Center and I’ve gone back to the more traditional hair cut.

Author: Ked

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