Why I am Upset Mike Fisher Retired

News dropped today that after 17 seasons, Mike Fisher has decided to hang them up. To me, Fisher has always been that number 2 center that every legitimate Stanley Cup contender would need. He wasn’t the most offensive player but the guy still put up points. 6 20 goal seasons is a pretty decent stat line.


Fisher Stats.png


In the locker room, he was always a leader- a real meat and potatoes type guy. Defensively, Fisher was always a center you wouldn’t want to match up with. He was solid in his own zone and as tough as they come, just ask Kevin Bieksa.



It’s a HUGE bummer that this guy didn’t win a cup this year. Nashville was about as electric of a city that the hockey world has seen in a while and the honky-tonk was ready for some hardware.  Even though it would’ve been an awesome story, I’m not really that upset about it. Why? Well look no further.


carrie hockey 1.jpg


carrie hockey 2.jpg

This guy has lived the dream his whole life. Hockey player, leader, captain AND he’s married to the closest rendition of an angel that planet Earth has ever seen- Carrie Underwood. As much as it’s going to suck to not see Fish play anymore, it sucks even more that we won’t see Carrie featured on TV unless you’re watching Sunday Night Football.



I wish Fisher all the best but he doesn’t need it, he already has it. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and hope just HOPE and pray that the Preds are playoff team for a while so we can see this gorgeous woman sing the anthem.


Author: Ked

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