ACHA Beauty of The Week: San Diego State University


San Diego State University, DII West

What’s one of the easiest ways of becoming Beauty of The Week? Creativity.

The boys from San Diego State love throwing sauce.. literally.



These boys live the god damn dream. They get to wake up to 70 degrees and sunny every day and then head over to the rink for some hockey. To be honest, if you’re 100% going to play club hockey it’d be hard to find a better set up than San Diego State. Hockey, babes, the boys. SDSU, we’ll be in touch.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram @sdsu_icehockey


Brad Kobryn, Adrian College, GLCHL


197 points in 104 games is no joke. 132 Goals, 65 assists– shoot first pass second kind of guy. Deadass, if you asked me how many times I’ve physically put a puck into a net, in my life, it would probably be less than 132 times. Have to respect this. If I had any sort of skill that ever got my ass off of the fourth line you better believe I wouldn’t even think about passing anyone the puck. I’ve always dreamed about being a one man show but instead when I create a player in NHL 18 I make sure he’s a grinder/ locker room/ glue guy. Try to make it as realistic as possible. Congrats Brad.

Alright guys and girls, keep sending in all of your nominees. They seem to keep getting better and better so keep it up. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @morning_skate and check out our boys are @pch_apparel

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