KHL Team Barys Astana Slaughtered A Sheep For Pre Practice Ritual

Uhhhhhhhh… what?

Everyone has their own superstitions or what have you. I’ve seen guys put their sticks in the garbage can before games for garbage goals. I’ve seen goalies do some very weird eye shit that make you think they’re having a seizure but in reality they’re just blinking really fast so everyone thinks they’re more nuts than they already are. I’ve even seen coaches wear a certain tie or blazers to games in which they think their style can help propel their team to victory. This sheep killing stuff? I’m not a fan.


Image result for two thumbs down gif


This is some really weird fucking stuff.


Image result for remember the others the office dwight


Best part of this tweet was the whole “foreign players got sick.” Well yeah, no shit bud. Can you imagine traveling to a foreign land of Vodka, steroids and secret agents to play hockey? Okay, pretty shitty. Plus, not only will you be flying on 1958 commercial airlines over Russia, but we’re also going to make your home Kazakhstan. Kazakhfuckingstan. Yeah that doesn’t sound to “homey”, am I right? Now lets toss in killing a sheep in front of you at a morning skate while some weirdo takes the blood and sprinkles it over the net for magic, how do you think you’d feel?

Image result for puke gif


Not great. I wouldn’t feel great.


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