The #Babcult – A Sort of Epilogue

Hey everybody, I’m back with another short piece about our little Twitter experiment of what has become known as the #Babcult. Of course anyone with any semblance of a sense of humour would have figured out that it wasn’t REALLY A cult. Obviously as many of you have read, some people didn’t quite understand that.

These same people obviously take Leafs fandom and Twitter a little too seriously. I usually use tweets to focus on positives but just using some examples here of what I’m  referring to. Scratch that, I’m not going to use tweets because that would just be inflammatory. I’m not writing here to do that.

I just want to encourage people to just be fans and enjoy the team. I have muted so many people over the last month I really couldn’t tell you if they are still complaining as much, and I really couldn’t care less.

One of the main reasons for the creation of #Babcult was to counteract the bullshit narratives that were on Twitter about ‘trouble in the dressing room’ and ‘Fire Babcock’. These same narratives were propagated by fans who THINK they are insiders. (I’ll just leave it at that)

A bunch of creative people (not me really, I just helped a bit) wanted to change that narrative. So basically trying to be the tail that wags the dog. The dog that was barking the loudest on Leafs Twitter at the time, was the segment of fans down on Babcock. And as we saw, it worked.

The focus was off of shitting on Babcock , and a lot of these same people, not all, started to crap on the #Babcult instead. Which is fine, we are all big boys and girls, we can take it. If it makes Twitter more enjoyable for everyone else, then it’s all good.

That was the purpose. To change the narrative and focus of what was a poisonous Twitter environment. Constantly negative when the team is firmly in a playoff spot. It was one thing to question coaching decisions, it was the constant meltdowns and made up narratives that people were trying to make you believe were true.

All I could think during that time was, how would these people react if something that was actually truly important in their lives didn’t go the way they wanted? They would have so much difficulty coping with life. Hopefully the struggles they read from people with mental health problems gave them some perspective.

Just a couple of concluding statements.

  1. The #Babcult was about debating really, it was just a hashtag to create some fun and show our support for Babcock and the process.
  2. Despite what a few people were claiming, the hashtag was about positivity. Although there was some fire thrown at some individuals, the overall message was about being positive ABOUT BABCOCK. Not about the chronic whiners and complainers. They could go to hell as far as we were concerned.
  3. And finally, to address the most ridiculous tweets. Some have been stating that the #Babcult must be unhappy that the ines have been changed and that the team is having more success. WHAT????? nothing could be further from the truth. If Babs felt like the lines before were the way to go, then we trusted him. If he changes the lines and the team does better, even great. it’s not about the lines or the players, it’s about the coach. Hence #Babcult.


I like this tweet, (not mine but JoeyD)

The most important thing is that it appears that everyone is enjoying the team again. So the objective for more positivity was met. 😈



Thanks for reading. I know I haven’t been writing as much lately. In the future I will be asking for questions from readers for topics of which they would like me to expand on. Beyond what a 280 tweet could anyway.

Hopefully the Leafs smoke the Bruins tomorrow.

Have a good one. Grumpy (some days more than others) Old Cousin Eddie



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