Save 10% off at for the Month of February

Who here has spent almost $300 for a hockey stick only to have it break after playing like 5 games? The worst part about breaking a stick is that it normally occurs 31 days after purchase, meaning the warranty is void and you are shit out of luck. That’s right, you get NOTHING. Wouldn’t you rather spend way less money for the same product and warranty? Well Pro Stock Hockey can help you out there.

Now most of the time, pro stock equipment doesn’t come with a warranty. This is normally the con about buying pro stock gear. However, at Pro Stock Hockey they offer you the same warranty on sticks that you would get purchasing from retail.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.00.01 PM.png

This seems too good to be true right? Like why would I be telling you all of this. Why? Because I use Pro Stock Hockey and I actually care about the people who listen to our podcasts and read our blogs. I am a man of the people, a natural born beer league leader and I love rocking swaggy gear. Don’t believe me? Here’s my order.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.01.53 PM.png

Thats right, I bought 2 $269 sticks for just $197.98.


Image result for dolla dolla bills y'all gif


Pro Stock Hockey has recently teamed up with The Morning Skate and will be offering our readers, listeners and subscribers 10% off your first purchase on their website. Make sure you use Promo Code ‘MORNINGSKATE” to save 10%. Not only will you be saving 10%, but they offer 3 rolls of tape per stick you order. Oh, and for the month of February? I know what I’ll be asking the wife for Valentines Day..

Just to recap: If you play hockey and don’t want to spend $1,000,000 on top notch equipment, make sure to go to to save TONS of money and to deal with a good group of people, you won’t regret it.


Author: Ked

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