Howies Hockey Deal of The Week: CRJS Volume 1- Warrior Alpha QXT

Alright everyone I said I was going to try and do a new blog post on a bi-weekly(ish) basis. Here goes number one. I started out with a stick that I felt was a pretty fair value and one that can be picked up in numerous variations. Head on over to and take a peak at the Warrior Alpha QXT.

These sticks are stock team sticks made for CHL and SPHL. So basically, this means that the team orders a bunch with different curves, but the curves are not specific to certain players. You see this all the time with lower level pro leagues or even Junior hockey leagues as well. I was so blessed to have been given free Harrow 2-piece sticks. I can assure you these bad boys will be much better. They are pro stock sticks created to be used at the professional level. They are made more durable than the average stick due to the nature of professional hockey.


There are a bunch of different curves and flexes as well as left and right-handed choices. Give this link a rip to go check out your future twig! Also, these puppies are only $100 right now. Yes, shipping on this website is a little pricey but luckily your boy Ked is smoother than a back-hand toe drag by none other than the magic man himself. Slap on the coupon code “morningskate” and get a 10% discount on your order. All in all, you are looking at a high-end twig for under $110 after tax, shipping, and everything. Not to mention, the good boys over at Pro Stock Hockey throw you 3 free rolls of tape. Not too shabby. You may also be wondering, “wtf there is no warranty on pro gear though dummy”. Fear no more, PSH hooks you up with a 30 warranty just like sticks you buy off the racks at your local pro shops.

So go order one of these fresh twigs because the Warrior Alpha QX is the most used stick in the NHL (according to and you are basically an NHL player right? Yeah me too, but seriously it is a quality twig and an even better deal. You cannot shake your head at spending a little over a hundred bucks on a nice piece of equipment.

Side note: Ideas to do with the extra $100+ you saved

-Black out with the boys after a big Friday night win

-Case of FourLoko

-Use it towards CRJS: Volume 2

-Buy an ad on an episode of The Morning Skate

-Brazzers Acount


Have One,





Author: Cooner

Hey my name is Cooner and I am a blogger for The Morning Skate who sleeps with new hockey equipment. I hope you enjoy some profanity filled thoughts of mine as well as honest opinions and ideas about hockey and life. Hope to share some great stories and get some laughs.

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