Nick Holden to The Bs – Rangers Fans Rejoice!

What a way to start my Tuesday. Marc Staal Jr. is on his way to Boston for a 3rd round pick and AHL defenseman Rob O’Gara.


This has made me irrationally happy. I knew I didn’t like Holden that much, but my reaction to this deal has only opened my eyes.


Something like this…


Okay, so the return: A third rounder and an AHL defenseman is a GREAT deal for the Rangers. Apparently this draft is supposed to be wicked deep, so this third rounder could eventually turn into an NHL player. An NHL player, almost any NHL player, would be better than Nicky boy. Although I’m pretty sure O’Gara is an AHLer, it looks like he will begin his stint with the big boys.

Tank City, Population us.

Not bad at all for a guy that I would’ve cut from my beer league team. Nothing personal Nick, my team is filled with D3 and D1 studs and to be honest I don’t think you’d be a great fit. While we’d be slamming beers and preparing our jungle juice, you’d be off sniffing glue or shotgunning coconut water.

See ya later Nick, nice knowing ya.


If any Bruins fans are reading this: Yes, I really don’t like this guy. Having said that, he’s been on the first pair for almost the entire year and thats on the coaching staff. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Holden properly utilized, so for a 6th/7th defenseman he may not be that bad. Or maybe he will be. I don’t care, he’s your problem now.

Author: Ked

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