Hughson Hate Unites Leafs Nation

Hey everybody, I’m back for a quick look at how the Leafs fan base can’t stand Jim Hughson. I made a joke about it on Twitter last night but then decided to see if I could find anyone with anything positive to say. And by anyone, I mean anyone who’s opinion I give a shit about, which by the way aren’t too many people in general but you get my point.

Unfortunately there were too many people pissed with Hughson to include them all, but here are some gems that I found.

Couldn’t agree more with the following tweet:

Here we see how Hughson loves to run with any narrative that makes the Leafs look worse than they really are.

Dave is 100% right here. Hughson as an announcer is like one of those analytics guys that stopped taking math after grade 10.

Now I’m not just going on last night but other games too. I’m just going to show some from 2018 here.

Frances says what most of us are thinking. I’ve tried syncing Bowen to the games while muting this clown, but with little success unfortunately.

Clyde once again is succinct but bang on.

Again, here we see Hughson running with another false narrative, unless he’s just a complete moron. Both could be true as well, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

I love Mack’s anger.

Dave with another great one. He seems to be as big a fan of Hughson as I am.

This is pretty accurate and funny as hell.

If Crosby played for the Canucks, Hughson’s forearms would be like Popeye’s.

Hughson again, when the Leafs do something good, or even great in this case, has to try to make it look worse than it is.

Go check out this tweet. It’s funnier than what I can do it justice here.

Probably the only people I can’t stand more than Hughson is maybe those homer Bruins announcers that are almost in tears whenever the Bruins lose and the damn referees lately. They are just TURRIBLE.

The point of all this is that Sportsnet can do better. Bob Cole is one option that is still very capable and way better than this clown. They should have some pride on who they hire to represent them on air. Contrary to many, most of the time I don’t mind Simpson unless he’s too much in lockstep with good ole Jimmer.  As divided as Leafs Nation can be at times, or almost all the time, I think this is one common theme we can all agree on.

Anyway, despite all this, I hope you have a great Sunday and enjoy the final week of the season before the playoffs.

Until next time, #GoLeafsGo #budsallday

Grumpy Cousin Eddie

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