Nothing Would Make Papa Happier Than The Rangers Ruining The Flyers Season

I think we all remember this….fast forward to the 4:30 mark for the famous JOKEnen miss.


But now that the Rangers are playing meaningless hockey, there is only one thing left for them to do. Play the SPOILERS!! The Philadelphia Flyers host the Carolina Hurricanes tonight at 7pm. If they drop this game to the Canes, the Rangers will be in position to ruin their season when the two teams face off Saturday at 3pm. Of course this is all riding on the hope that the Florida Panthers can play out of there mind, winning the next three games, including a 7:30pm matchup tonight in Florida against the Bruins. They have Boston twice and Buffalo once. They trail the Flyers by 4 points. So all you Rangers fans out there, grab your Carolina and Florida pom poms and hope that Carolina can take two points from Philly on the road and the Panthers can survive another day by taking down the first place Bruins.


(Shout out to the 2008-09 Storm Squad. NY needs your help tonight.)

No matter how the chips fall, you have to appreciate the intensity of the games leading up to the playoffs, because unlike any other sport, anything can happen in the NHL playoffs. So LET’S GO CANES AND PANTHERS!!!


Side note here, the bigger Rangers fan dream is for the Devils to drop the next two against the Leafs tonight and Capitals Saturday and have the Panthers go 3-0 to pass them by. But that seems like wishful thinking and quite frankly, Papa’s not that lucky.


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