Is Radko Gudas a Pittsburgh Sleeper Agent?

Radko Gudas, notorious Philadelphia Flyers bad guy, apparently injured Sean Couturier at practice today, ahead of Game 4 of the series between the Penguins and Flyers.


Couturier had a career high this year in points (76), with 31 goals and 45 assists. So this is a big loss for the Flyers heading into game 4 tonight, in a series that has had the winner of  all 3 games prior games score 5 or more goals. Couturier was also leading the Flyers in playoff points with 1 goal and 2 assists. So WHY would Radko Gudas go ahead and kill arguably the Flyers best player when already down 2-1 in the series? Really makes ya think.

I’m not saying that Gudas is a Sleeper Agent, placed by the Penguins organization, but I’m also not NOT saying that…

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Radko Gudas. Born in Czechoslovakia in 1990. He was born there before Czechoslovakia broke up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and 18 years after Jaromir Jagr, Penguins Legend. OH WAIT, JAGR AND GUDAS ARE FROM THE SAME TOWN, KLADNO. Now, Jagr owns, and plays/played for HC Kladno, the Czech hockey team that, from 2007-2009, Radko Gudas played for. Also, Gudas was born June 5, 1990. Jaromir Jagr was drafted by the Pens with pick number 5 of the 1990 NHL Draft, which was held in, you guessed it, June. Numbers don’t lie. Hope you’re keeping up. Because I’m about to drop a bomb.

In 2011, following #JAGRWATCH, when Jaromir Jagr absolutely ripped my heart out by signing with the Flyers, I asked myself the same question day after day: Why? and now I’ve figured it out. Jaromir Jagr, acting as a secret agent, was infiltrating the Flyers organization under direction of Mario Lemieux. They were playing the long game…On the 2015 trade deadline, Gudas was traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning, to the Flyers. The man who facilitated that trade, Steve Yzerman, Lightning GM, and former Detroit Red Wing. Ya know who else is a Red Wings Alum? Jim Rutherford, GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So obviously, in 2011, Mario facilitated Jagr to PHI, in order to gain knowledge of the inner workings of the Flyers, while also acquiring inside information of Former HC Kladno players in the NHL. In 2014, the Penguins hire Jim Rutherford, who, with this knowledge, uses the Red Wings Alumni Facebook group to get in contact with Steve Yzerman, and agrees to, in the future, let him sign Chris Kunitz if he can get Gudas to Philadelphia. Once in Philadelphia, Gudas has been dormant. Until this year, when Jagr left the NHL, as it looks for good. GMJR noticed that Couturier was real good at the whole hockey thing this year, and he called up to Mario, and through Jaromir Jagr, facilitated this injury. It was the perfect plan. No one suspected a thing.

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Lets Go Pens

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