Anson Carter Saying he Thought Vegas Would Make the Playoffs This Year is BULLLLLSHIT

Lots of Vegas/LA talk on Twitter today and I’m good with it. I had Kings in 7, so I’m an idiot, hand up. It was a great series with two fantastic goalies and very little offense. Normally low scoring playoff games suck but I’d much rather watch those games then those 5-1 or 7-2 games, but thats neither here nor there. I am writing this to tell you that Anson Carter lied directly to your face last night.  I’m paraphrasing here, but after JR said he would be shocked it Vegas won 20 games this year (have another beer JR), Anson Carter decided to tell the world that he thought Vegas would make the playoffs from game 1.


Anson, let me recap. You thought Vegas would make the playoffs not knowing that:

  • Marc-Andre Fleury plays the best hockey he has in years
  • William Karlsson scores 43 goals after scoring 6 goals last year
  • David Perron AND Reilly Smith put up 60+ points
  • Vegas has 5 20+ goal scorers
  • Home record of 29-10-2

Just so you know, before all of these unrealistic/seemingly impossible things happened, Anson Carter picked Vegas to make the playoffs. Yeah, team statistics can be shocking and wildly unpredictable, but in predicting that Vegas would make the playoffs, he must think that other teams would have down years. Did anyone have Edmonton shitting the bed after making a run last year? Did anyone have Calgary not making the playoffs? The Flames sure as hell didn’t. To be honest, at the beginning of the year, there were only two teams that for sure wouldn’t make the playoffs and that is Arizona and Vancouver. Hell, Colorado wasn’t even a team in contention. Other than that, there are 11 other teams that could’ve reasonably made the playoffs. So Anson, you’re telling me, that without any knowledge of individual stats and zero knowledge of teams like Edmonton and Calgary regressing, you thought Vegas had a shot to make the playoffs. Get out of my face. This is one of the most preposterous things I have ever heard.



This really isn’t a story it just bothered me. Every friend group, team or family has that one guy who is always saying “Oh yeah, I knew that would happen.” Honestly, I may be so offended because I’m normally that guy. Anson may or may not have beaten me to the punch. Just something about this grinded my gears. I think the real question is what prediction was the most outlandish?

  • Jeremy Roenick thinks Vegas will win only 20 games
  • Anson Carter thinks Vegas will make the playoffs

Let me know what you think.

Also, shoutout to Vegas. Myself, like every other person on planet Earth, including you Anson, did not think you had any shot of making the playoffs. I’m still not completely 100% convinced but round one was a hell of an eye opener. Vegas is not only the biggest story in hockey but the biggest story in sports right now. Watch and see other major sports bring their teams to Vegas almost immediately. Having said that, if and when they do, they won’t come close to this Knights team. Or will they? Fuck, I don’t know.

Author: Ked

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