It was Earth Day, so Naturally Philly Fans Throw Trash on the ice

There is no other fan base quite like Philadelphia. Once again they showed their class by throwing bottles and other debris onto the ice in the third period after the Penguins opened the flood gates. Now before I start picking on Philadelphia, let me say this. New York and Boston are no better. Each city has their issues. Philadelphia is classless. I don’t think anyone can argue that. And when I say classless, I don’t mean 100% of the fan base; I mean that enough of the fans are classless in order for me to come to that conclusion. Some more logs were thrown on that fire yesterday when fans at the game decided to throw their trash onto the ice. Ironically it was Earth Day. A day recognized to promote recycling and taking care of the mess we make as humans. Is there anymore of a Philly move than to trash their own ice on Earth Day? I think not.


But I just wanted to point out that Papa is confused to why Philly fans were throwing bottles onto the ice. Was it because your season is over? Was it because you thought the refs missed the call just before Guentzel put the game away with a snipe from the slot? Because the game was far from over at that point. I just cannot fathom why anyone would have thrown shit on the ice during the third period when your team wasn’t exactly out of it. I guess that’s Philly for you. You should have been cheering for the effort your team put forth all season and in this series. You over achieved. Your Flyers got knocked out by one of the best teams in the league, during a legendary stretch, with some of the best players to ever play the game. Be proud of this season. Be happy that you have a shot at Tavares (yes, Philly is one of the teams that can afford him and one of the markets that I think he would consider going to). You didn’t get fucked over by the refs or didn’t under perform. You had a great season. Clean it up (literally) and respect the game.

phillyfan good.png

This guy gets it. Boo and Booze.

Also a side note. Sidney Crosby stating that he didn’t understand why Philly fans would waste full beers by throwing them onto the ice, is insane. There is no way he drinks beer. He drinks warm milk and Juicy Juice. So Sid, stick to hockey and keep the Philly chirps up to arrogant bloggers like me. 


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