Three Things to Expect From New York Rangers Coach David Quinn

Now that Shan Dawgs and Larry have reported it, David Quinn will be the next head coach of the New York Rangers. Earlier this year, Jeff Gorton talked about what he wanted to see in a new coach.


“I think AV had a certain way. After a certain amount of games coached in this league, he had a plan and it worked for him,” Gorton said. “I think that with the youth in our team and as we go forward, I think we’re gonna have a coach that’s gonna be hands-on, for sure.”

“I think ‘fresh’ is a good word,’’ he said. “We’re looking for somebody that can help us get back to an identity we want to get to; we’re looking to go through this process and hear some thoughts on how, with the personnel we have . . . they can help us move forward with a young group.’’

Rangers fans, your GM wasn’t lying to you. Here are three things that David Quinn will bring to the table.


Rick Carpiniello wrote in The Athletic that Quinn is a “Sullivan clone” and Cohen noted to the NY Postthat he will hold every player accountable.

There’s not much more here but to me this is GIGANTIC. This is a breathe of fresh air. My favorite quote AV had was when he said Marc Staal had to battle to earn a roster spot, at the beginning of last season, and what a crock of shit that was. If you were one of his favorites, you had nothing to worry about and if you had to try and make a case for yourself then you were screwed from the get go. Alain Vigneault was one of the least accountable people on Planet Earth. Yes, I do mean his players, but I also mean himself. Not once did AV admit he was at fault and often used his players and management as the reasons the Rangers had not been producing. I know this is just a quote from Carpinello, but I am STOKED to see a coach call it and tell it like it is. It’ll be nice to see the players create opportunities for themselves instead of some gum chewing bafoon playing “hunches”.

Developing Young Talent

Like Gorton said, it is IMPERATIVE to develop our youth, especially after 5 years of having your head coach act like a wronged ex-girlfriend. Quinn has been brought in here to develop some of our young guys and turn them into to bonafide NHLers. Why is this important? Look at teams like Pittsburgh, Boston or even Vegas. All of these teams have younger, skilled players who are actually serving a purpose. No longer will a player like JT Miller get tea bagged for passing a puck up the middle and then glued to the bench. Pavel Buchnevich will FINALLY be able to play his game and I truly believe the NHL will take notice. Speaking of notice, watch out for Chytil and Andersson this year. They may not make an immediate impact, but they will be given their chances. And lastly, how good to you think Anthony DeAngelo is feeling right now? I love this kid and the edge that he brings to the table. Sky is the limit with Tony D and I think you’ll see a new form of leadership in the likes of Kevin Shattenkirk. If you didn’t know, Shatty once played for Quinn at BU. Young defenseman seem to flourish around Quinn, something we all can be happy about.

He has develop a reputation over the years as someone who can develop defenseman as well as, while at BU, land high-profile players. (NY TImes)

During his time at BU as an assistant and as head coach, Quinn helped coach defensemen Matt Gilroy, Eric Gryba, Kevin Shattenkirk, Charlie McAvoy, Matt Grzelcyk and first round picks Dante Fabbro, second round pick Johnathan MacLeod, Chad Krys and 3rd round picks Kasper Kotkansalo, Cameron Crotty, David Farrance and Brandon Hickey.

Those are some pretty good names there.

Structure and a Game Plan

The NYR d-zone over the last few seasons has been non-existent. Their offensive game was to be fast in straight lines. Last year it seemed like there was ZERO creativity as players were gripping their sticks too hard. It was pretty much skate from point A to point B without any sort of imagination. Were players to afraid to make mistakes? I wouldn’t be shocked. It sounds like they needed a breathe of fresh air. Quinn prides himself on a game of possession, something Rangers and Rangers defenseman clearly lacked last season.


I can’t tell you how many times Rangers defenseman just through the puck away during a change. Now there will be a sense of purpose for your broadway Blueshirts and that sounds good to me.

We don’t really know what’s about to happen here. We have a inexperienced coach making his debut in Manhattan and things could go about one hundred different directions. Having said that, we’re allowed to be excited. We’re allowed to be hopeful. David Quinn has the reigns and Alain Vigneault is gone. Rangers fans rejoice.

Also, guy looks like a STUD. Look at that smile and hairline. Bring your ponchos ladies, Quinny is ready for New York.

Author: Ked

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