TMLTalk: Mark Hunter Was OK, Just OK

Hey everybody, I’m back with a quick look at what transpired yesterday with the announcements of Lou Lamoriello and Mark Hunter leaving the Leafs. At first I will admit that I was pretty pissed off.

Also this

But now that I’ve had some time to calm down, sort of, I thought I would look at what Mark Hunter actually accomplished at the draft. I’m not talking about any influence he had with the Leafs picking up UFA players from Europe, just picks at the draft.

I’m not getting into all the picks, just the ones that are at or near the NHL level, because really that’s all that matters here.

So with his first Leafs draft in 2015, the Leafs drafted Marner (great choice), Dermott (another great pick), Jeremy Bracco, Nielsen, Dzierkals, Lindgren, Timashov, Desrocher and Korostelev (both went unsigned).

So first of all kudos on picking Marner over Hanifin. I like Hanifin but I take Marner every day of the week. I like Dermott but they could have picked Aho, or Carlo. Does Dermott end up being better than those two in the long run? It’s still too early to tell but right now Aho seems to have a definite edge in that department, maybe even Carlo. We’ll see. I’m not getting into a bunch of stats to prove a point, it’s still too early to tell with that too.

With Hunter’s second draft in 2016, I chose Matthews ( a no-brainer), Korshkov (where is this guy?), Grundstrom, Woll, Greenway, Brooks, Middleton, Bobylev, Walker, Mattinen, and Chebykin. OK, so after seeing that list I would say that Matthews and probably Grundstrom will be NHLers. The rest, maybe, but unlikely. Maybe Woll could be. It’s always hard to tell with goalies. Look at Sparks. Two or three years ago, he didn’t look too good, now he looks ready for the NHL. However, they had a chance of getting Carter Hart and didn’t. They chose Korshkov, a winger, of which which they already had plenty, instead. Hunter also chose Korshkov instead of DeBrincat and Samuel Girard.

With Hunter’s third draft in 2017, in the first round Timothy Liljegren fell to the Leafs. Seems like it’s working out considering he’s an 18 year old playing in AHL. So far so good. Looking like he could very well be a good NHLer in the future. As for the rest of the picks, it’s way too early to know anything yet. In fact as an average fan, I don’t hear much about any of them. Even from Leafs outlets. It was just last year and even later round picks are nowhere near being ready for the NHL.

So when I look back at all this, it is really too early to tell how all his picks will work out although in my personal opinion, I would say he was OK, just OK. I wouldn’t put him at an elite level when it comes to drafting, but better than what the Leafs had before. I never understood all the fanfare as if he were Al Murray, the head scout for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Now that guy knows how to draft players in later rounds!


Maybe we should review how much of a drafting savant he really is in about another 2 to 4 years from now. Then we could have much clearer picture instead of just assuming he made all these great choice because some people in the media said he did.

As for Lou Lamoriello, I’m not impressed at how he just left and went to the Islanders to talk to Tavares while still under contract with the Leafs.


Then again, I think he was under contract with the Devils when he came to the Leafs. I just wish Shanny had negotiated a third round pick or something for Lou leaving. The Leafs had to give one up when he came to Toronto.

This is a good tweet

And this tweet is elite.

Also, anyone that interprets my nervousness with Dubas being the GM as me being a hater, can suck it. Of course I hope he does really well and calms a lot of people’s nerves with making some good moves this off season. The better he does, the better the Leafs will be. Fuck the haters.


Cousin Eddie

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