Steve Valiquette Says What Every Hockey Fan Thinks About World Cup Antics


Valleys View from the clouds! Listen, this year I’ve become a World Cup guy. Why? In the office I work at, we keep the TV on with all games going pretty much the whole day. It’s nice to get up from your desk and go watch countries compete against each other. BIG nationalism guy. Keep in mind, the office I work at is filled with soccer fans and hockey fans. What does that mean? Well theres always a constant battle of hockey fans saying their athletes are tougher and that soccer players are soft. Even though I agree with this, I never really say anything because of how obvious it is and because I don’t want to be called a Hardo. That is, until what happened with Neymar.

Give me a break. Sure, we’ve seen some flailing on the ground but nothing like this. I understand that you have to try and draw penalties otherwise they won’t be called but this is absolute trash bag stuff. For the self proclaimed best player in the world, this is embarrassing. My counter against actions like this? If someone pretends to fake an injury in this way, you send out a heavy duty goon to make that injury real. You want to act like you’re hurt? Oh we’ll ensure you feel that way. You won’t see Neymar rolling around like a little sissy boy if he knows some one will actually make him feel that way in real life. C’mon soccer guys, get tough. Hockey tough.


Also, never forget when Vally went after Al Trautwigs hair. Honestly, that was one of the funniest moments in Rangers intermission history.

Author: Ked

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