ICYMI: Episode 64: Free Agent Frenzy, Tavares, 4th of July

I’m going to start writing a blog for every podcast we do. Just a quick synopsis with a reminder of some things you can do at the bottom. So here is this weeks.

It’s Free Agent Frenzy time as Ked and Hal break down all free agent signings and NHL trades before answering your Twitter Questions. The boys talk about the Sabres and Zadina in Heroes and Zeros before letting you know what the top three things they enjoy the most about the best day of the year!


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We love hearing from you guys so be sure to send us questions or topics throughout the week. You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @morning_skate and can call in to the Patty B Hotline at 518-309-2595 where you can leave a voicemail that will be featured on a Morning Skate episode.

Thanks for tuning in, we really appreciate it! If you’re a fan of our podcasts please shoot us a review on iTunes. We value all the feedback as we continue to try and make a podcast for the average, loving, somewhat degenerate hockey fan. If you haven’t followed us on Facebook you can do so here, and invite your friends. Our mission is to blow this thing up and to create a hockey community and network of hockey fans from all teams and all backgrounds. If you love the sport and like laughing we might just be the podcast for you!


Also, get ready for this weeks podcast as we have 2 of the best in the biz.

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Author: Ked

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