Please Pipe Down Stan Fischler

I would never pick on the elderly, but this Stan Fischer is a clown. I was sent a tweet the other day by NHL Networks….

Tavares couldn’t handle the NY Islanders Challenge? Is that a real comment? I can understand if you’re a die hard Islanders fan and you’re upset that JT left to go chase a childhood/lifelong dream of playing for his hometown team. But spare the me the attacks on Tavares. I was one of those guys that thought he was going to stay put in New York. The more I think about this whole situation, the more I realize that JT made the right move, especially now after I see Stan Fucking Fischler attack the single player that made the Islanders a relevant team over the past decade. But this has me thinking….what was the Islanders challenge that he couldn’t handle?

Challenge 1: play for a franchise that doesn’t have a full time home rink.

Challenge 2: play for a franchise where fans put up billboards firing your GM.

Challenge 3: give up on a childhood dream of winning a cup with your hometown team because the team that drafted you drained you of 9 NHL seasons without improving and now want you to be the foundation of a rebuild at the age of 27.

This is a much better challenge for one of the most gifted hockey players on the planet.

I’ll be honest that I agree with Stan that Tavares ran away from those challenges. Any person with a half of a brain would do the same. The Islanders screwed up big time with JT and it is time to wish him luck and move on peacefully. The Islanders have a ton of talented youth to be excited about. Concentrate on not fucking things up for those players coming up. Build a contending team that isn’t full of 4th liners. John Tavares doesn’t owe the Islanders a damn thing, in fact they owe him a huge thank you for making the them relevant. If you’re a still a bummed out Islanders fan because JT left, read my last blog about how the Islanders are in good hands via youth, coaching, and Big Lou. It can only be uphill from here Long Island.

So pipe down Stan.

– Papa

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