Keds Top 3 Alex Burrows Moments

Alex Burrows has announced his retirement and has joined the AHL’s Laval Rocket as an assistant coach.

Burrows went undrafted before working his way through the Vancouver Canucks system and breaking into the NHL in 2005-06.

via Sportsnet

Alex Burrows is calling it a career and what a career it was. Known as one of the more reputable players in the league, Burrows was not only a role model but an ambassador of the game. Because of his retirement, I think it is only fitting that I write this blog in memory of Alexandre. These are my top 3 Alex Burrows moments.

Kreider vs Burrows


I remember watching this game with my old man and laughing my ass off. If I remember correctly, Burrows was trying to bully Mats Zuccarello, probably because Zucc called him a bad name. Chris Kreider, who had played this game with an edge, decided to come stick up for his teammate and what ensued was joyful laughter. Burrows had absolutely no shot against the beast of Kreider and not only got ragdolled, but also nuggied in the process. Not the best look for Alex.

The Burrows Bite


Throwback city. If you’re a hockey fan, you remember the exact moment that Alex Burrows bit Patrice Bergeron. There was no suspension for this play but I bet Alex wishes there was one.



A littttttle bit degrading when Milan Lucic makes you look like the worlds biggest pansy boy. To be honest, what was Burrows to do? Bite Lucic and face the consequences? Probably not, but he could’ve gone full Mike the Situation and start head butting the side wall. Lucic probably would’ve shut up and Burrows would’ve left the rink with everyone thinking he was just a psycho.


Burrows Suspended for Jumping, Kneeing Taylor Hall


This may have been the moment when Burrows knew he was going to hang them up. Every once and while some people just lose it. You can’t watch this video and tell yourself that Burrows made a calm, rational decision. 10 games might have been hefty but when you have the past that Burrows had, it wasn’t that bad.

It’s an end of an era. Another Matt Cooke disappears in the wind and now we’re left wondering who is next? Maybe a Matthew Tkachuk? An Antoine Russell? We’ll see, but make it known, there will probably never been another biting incident in the NHL… actually who am I kidding, there probably will be and it will probably be a player with the last name of Burrows. Genetics people, genetics.

Author: Ked

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