Gritty Has The Potential To Be The Greatest Mascot Of All Time


This week the Philadelphia Flyers introduced the newest member of their organization. I’ll admit, the moment Gritty came out skating like a mad man, with his eye balls rolling around everywhere, and that chaotic grin smiling back at me, he had my heart. I’ve never seen a mascot that represents a team and city so well. He is the perfect balance of toughness and passion that the city of Philly has with their sports. This thing is a must watch and I can’t wait for more clips like this one below to fill up my twitter feed as the hockey season gets on our way.

Move aside Philly Phanatic. Gritty is about to take over the city of brotherly love. Forget the Eagles, forget the Sixers bear thing. It’s all about Gritty and the Flyers. And as a New York fan, I never thought I’d say that I’m jealous of the city of Philadelphia.


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