Carolina Hurricanes Off To An Impressive Start

I’m almost certain that less than 7 people are interested in this blog, but I wanted to show some love to the Canes and give credit where credit is due. I’ve watched all the Carolina games so far, except their home opening overtime loss to the Islanders (also off to an impressive start) and it has been exciting to watch.

Before the season started, I, like most hockey fans, wrote this team off as a mediocre squad that could battle for a wild card spot. I think this team could be much better and finish is a top three spot in the Metro Division. I know it’s super early in the season, but by now you can see the style in which a team will play and the Hurricanes certainly have impressed me with their physicality and contribution from all four lines.


It seems to me that Rod Brind’amour has these guys playing a hard hitting forecheck that has been wearing down their opponents. This style has been paying dividends for them big time in the third period as they have outscored their opponents 6-2 in the third this season. Again, I know it’s a small sample size, but this team is a complete 180′ from seasons past. Carolina has some low key gamers that can play with an edge and also put the puck in the net. Lead by Aho and Staal, the Canes have two lines that can really play. Also having Williams in the locker room is also a huge help to teach their young guns, Svechnikov and Foegele grow in this league. I will certainly have my eye out on Svechnikov as I drafted him in fantasy and can see him putting up 25 goals and be in the running for Rookie of the Year.


It’s also important to note that McElhinney could finally become a strong starter for the Canes. He has always been a back up, but after looking at his stats, it’s clear that this guy could flourish in a small market that has no pressure to win. Mrazek will be battling for that full time starting position too, which will be interesting since both goalies are coming into this season with something to prove.

The Carolina Hurricanes have been buzz city to watch in the past, but give them a chance. They have a new culture, new style, and a new team and will turn some heads this season. They also have the worst third jersey in the league, along side the coolest with the Hartford Whalers throwback. I means look at these….

Fire, Fire, Trash, Fire.



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