Tyler Myers Gets 10 Minutes For Fake Clapping a Ref

I’m all in on this. At the time, the Jets had taken 8 consecutive penalties and Myers did something we were all thinking about doing. As an NHL ref there is nothing more embarrassing than an NHLer mocking you in front of thousands of people and as an NHLer there is nothing more frustrating than an incompetent ref. 10 minutes seems a bit aggressive but as a ref you NEED to do something there. This is like getting a swirly in high school and doing nothing about it. Yeah a 10 min misconduct is like telling the teacher but its better than being the guy who gets swirlys for free.

Also, Myers is lucky he only clapped. This summer we had a kid do some hand gestures that got him in a bit of trouble.


Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 9.21.06 AM.png


Fuckin refs, man.

Author: Ked

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