Coyotes GM Drops The Hammer on Dylan Strome and Brendan Perlini

Craig Morgan: “When discussing trading Strome and Perlini, Coyotes GM John Chayka said there is a difference between patience and hope. The latter is not a way to build your organization.”


The Coyotes sent Strome and Perlini to Chicago for forward Nick Schmaltz yesterday and Johnny Chayka had some things to say. “There is a difference between patience and hope. The latter is not a way to build your organization” is a polite way of saying I’ve used up all my patience on these two first round picks and now they can go kick rocks. Chayka could’ve said he appreciated what his ex players had done for the franchise but instead he went with the “I gave up on you because there is no hope” route. Hate to see it.

The coyotes get back a pretty good player in Nick Schmaltz but I think we’ve all seen this time and time again. Any time a somewhat skilled underachieving player goes to the Blackhawks myself and the entire NHL collectively hold our breathes as we just await for an explosion of points and a hell of a player. Any time you put elite level skill (1st round picks) on a line with the likes of a Patrick Kane, you have a pretty good chance or seeing something click. Only time will tell but I think Strome and Perlini have more than enough motivation seeing as their ex-GM told them to hope in one hand and shit in the other.

Also, how about the Stromes. Ryan had a good tilt the other night against Philly and I like him on my team, but talk about a family who was supposed to be disgusting hockey players turning into somewhat serviceable depth guys. What a world.

Author: Ked

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