Is Don Cherry The Hockey Gods Disciple? Team Canada Falls to Finland

Saw this on reddit, needed to be brought up.

The Hockey Night in Canada personality took exception to Team Canada’s lopsided tournament debut against Denmark, which they won by a score of 14-0, cautioning Canada’s youngsters against the dangers of running up the score.

“I’m very, very disappointed in Team Canada. I’m cheering for them, I hope they win,” Cherry said Saturday. “But to beat a team 14-0, Hockey Gods will always come back and get you.”

Now, let us fast forward to last night.


Noah Dobson, wide open net and thennnn..

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 9.31.19 AM.png

And if you’re a hockey fan you immediately know the puck is going back the other way where the Fins put the dagger into Team Canadas heart.

I’m not a big Don Cherry fan. I think he’s kind of adorable because he just mumbles and says Canada or fuck Sean Avery every two seconds but I will say this: Don Cherry was correct. The Hockey Gods were none to pleased when Canada decided to put a spanking on Denmark. The Hockey Gods were none to pleased when Maxime Comtois forgot this wasn’t a high dive competition.

This was Canadas tournament. They were by far the superior team and at the end of the day got boned by the Gods. Maybe next time you won’t try to score two touchdowns on a team whose country has less players than your country has referees.

Author: Ked

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