What Jersey Do You Wear During Pond Hockey Season?

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Ponds are frozen, the boys are around for a rip and you’re taking it to your local frozen watering hole. I wrote a blog not too long ago about things you must have but you also need to make sure you have decent swagger when showing up to the pond. Without further adieu, my top three sweaters to wear for Pond Hockey Season.


“If you boys keep eating them, I’ll keep making them. I mean, this is an instant classic. I’m a proud American and its always nice showing up with the classic 1980 gold medal jersey. If you want people to know your blood is red, white and blue, that your away colors are camo and that your gatorade bottle is full of Busch light then this is the jersey for you.


Vintage, vintage, vintage. Paul Kariya was the real god damn deal, there is no argument for that. I mean, check out this video.

Gary Thorne still gives me chills. The jersey itself is one of the freshest of all time and when you dawn these colors you’re letting everyone know that you’re a playmaker on any sheet of ice they can think of, including ponds.


Power forward, ever heard of it? Jagr has always been known for his flow and the black and yellow look so damn good. I’m aware all of these jerseys are vintage but this jersey brings an intimidation factor. Not only will people think you’re sweet, people will also think they’re about to get thrown into a snowbank. Why? Because they probably will.

What jerseys do you guys and girls sport on the pond? Comment below or tag us on Twitter or Facebook!

Author: Ked

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