Drew Doughty Says Brent Burns Shouldn’t Win The Norris And I Agree

Yesterday Drew Doughty woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It started with a Matthew Tkachuk rant in which he said:

Doughty is clearly fed up with Tkachuks antics and voiced his reasons. I don’t hate it, I actually wish more players called each other out more. Let’s make this league the WWE.

Anyways, Doughty later went on and called out Brent Burns:

The internet expressed it’s fake outrage and I took a day to sit down, collect my thoughts, and this is what I have.

I agree.


Hal and I have talked about this a million times but the Norris Trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League’s top “defense player who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position.” Over the last however many years, the Norris Trophy seems to be awarded to the leagues more popular, offensive polarizing players and I’d like to see that change. Yes, it’s nice to have a defenseman chip in 60+ points over an NHL regular season, but the Norris is supposed to go to all-around ability. Let me ask you this. Would you rather have Burns on your team or Victor Hedman / Drew Doughty? Like I said, Burns has the points, but Doughty and Hedman each play almost 30 minutes a night, against the other teams best all while chipping in offensively. I know this seems like Doughty is just crying, which he probably is, but in my honest opinion I think he speaks the truth. It’s about time we award the leagues best defenseman, not someone who has 70+ points, a dash 80 and a negative 69 corsi.

Author: Ked

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