Brendan Lemieux Tells Zdeno Chara to “****ing Try Me”

Boy oh boy what a game between two original six teams. David Pastrnak stole the show for the Bruins but things got heated during the second period following a reverse hit on Patrice Bergeron by Lias Andersson. When everything seemed to settle down, the cameras cut to a skirmish among the benches where big Z did not look particularly thrilled.

So when the Rangers traded Kevin Hayes to the Jets I was pumped to see that the Rangers got Brendan Lemieux, son of arguably the top 3 pests to ever play the game Claude. I knew he was going to bring an edge to his game and he has not disappointed. The post came out with a Q and A with Brendan yesterday where he said all the things I’d want him to say. Having said that, I did not expect him to go start telling the worlds strongest man to try him.


I immediately texted Hal and asked for his thoughts here. We both agreed that his life was not guaranteed at this point and also both agreed that it takes a set of boulders to even begin talking back to Z. Nothing really ended up happening between these two but I was impressed. Lemieux is 23 years old on a brand new team and won’t back down to anyone. I know a lot of people might say he wouldn’t have done anything anyways but the fact that he was in the middle of a forest giving two middle fingers to the biggest baddest bear in the history of bears is something I can get behind. The season is clearly over for the Rangers but this kid won’t stop battling, he won’t stop competing and he won’t let anyone try and push the Rangers around. He’s no Zuccarello but I think I might now have my next jersey purchase.


Author: Ked

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