Alain Vigneault Heads To Philadelphia

After the announcement was made a few days ago, I’ve seen some very mixed feelings coming from Flyers and Rangers fans. AV has been around a very long time and has coached some very good teams. But is he the right fit for Philly? I have a hard time believing he is. As a Rangers fan, I believed he was going to be a great replacement for Torts by letting the leash off the forwards and bring a more player friendly atmosphere into the locker room. By the end of his run in New York, AV, became mortal enemy number one!


This is what Philly can eventually expect from this bridesmaid.

  1. Personnel Choices. His late game decision making of who he has on the ice is mind blowing. I’ll always remember the Rangers playing the Ottawa Senators in the playoffs and AV putting Holden and Steal out there together. How does a veteran coach let that happen. That year the Rangers set an NHL for giving up the most goals in a series while the team has their goalie pulled. They blew two, two goal leads.
  2. Line consistency. Every game there were new line combos. I understand changes should be made as the season progresses to keep things fresh and relative (to opponents). He did it constantly, to the point where I felt like it killed any chance of players getting some chemistry. I know if I was a player, it would drive me through a wall. Poor Buchnevich lost years of growth because he was constantly being treated like a NYC rat.
  3. Calling out the wrong players. I’ll get straight to the point on this one. AV called out Hank for not playing up to his potential. Are you kidding me? Anyone who watched the New York Rangers over the last decade knows that Hank has been the heart and soul of this team. He won us playoff series on his own. Maybe if this guy allowed the forwards to be forwards, he wouldn’t need to call out the face of the franchise and the only reason he is relevant as a coach. AV is the product two HOF(?) goaltenders. Philly better hope Hart doesn’t go to shit because AV doesn’t know how to coach.

For what I see in Philly is some immediate success. I do think a change should have been made. It’s too bad Quenneville went to Florida, because there seemed to be slim pickings after that move. And after the Rangers and Devils get some crazy luck in the 2019 draft, you need to stay relevant here.

But after a season or two the veteran players will soon get tired of his constant changes and nit picking. He will blame players like Giroux for not giving it all after 40 points in 35 games because he thinks that will motivate the others. It doesn’t work Alain. I actually like the Flyers roster. I think they have some great pieces in all facets. If Hart turns into the hype that surrounds him, they can easily become a playoff team. The Flyers last year suffered from inconsistency. Maybe get a little deeper upfront and get some better goaltending and there isn’t a reason they can’t compete for the last spot in the Metro or at least wild card.

av smile

My mixed feelings are definitely shared amongst Flyers fans. But things could be a lot worse. And if you’re a fan of Philadelphia just be prepared for a lot of aggravation. I have a hard time AV will change his ways. I mean maybe he just enjoys being a bridesmaid loser that can’t coach talent and relies on goaltending to bail out his piss poor decision making. To each their own.

Just a last as long as he doesn’t hurt Gritty. He’s the best thing Philly has to offer so no pressure Alain.

-Papa Whales

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