1919 Stanley Cup Champion Can Finally Be Crowned

I will not take any credit for this blog because I came across this idea on a Reddit forum and I thought it needed to get out there. So credit to darklightrabbi for sharing this on Reddit.

In 1919, the NHL had to cancel the Stanley Cup finals before a deciding game 6 because of a Spanish Flu outbreak. This outbreak took the life of Canadiens player Joe Hall, so the league rightfully canceled the series. At the time the Seattle Metropolitans and the Montreal Canadiens were knotted at 2 games apiece, along with a tie. Game 6 would have determined the Stanley Cup Champion.

Fast forward to 2020 and Seattle will finally have a team again, just over 100 years after that 1919 Stanley Cup Finals. The NHL should without a doubt have these two teams play game one of the season and make this game decide the winner of the 1919 Stanley Cup. A brilliant idea. There would be no better way of hyping up the new organization than having them play for a Stanley Cup game one of their new existence.

Darklightrabbi also proposed to play by the same rules, such as no forward passing and wood sticks with straight blades. This might be taking it too far, but I really do think this would be a cool way to introduce the Seattle organization. With that being said, Montreal can make history with capturing their 25th Stanley Cup. Either way it would be a fun concept and I for one wouldn’t mind seeing this happen.


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