Dougie Hamilton Put Brock The Scientist Nelson in a Bodybag Last Night on National TV

I took a little time off but I am back. The playoffs have been CRAZY so far and you don’t have to look much further than the Jerks sweeping the Isles. While this is shocking, something happened at the end of this series that might have made me change my entire outlook on Dougie Hamilton.

What a BOLD statement by Dougie Hamilton. Still upset that Nelson head tapped his goalie, Hamilton gave him a quick salute in the handshake line. We aren’t a pro Dougie Hamilton blog or podcast, you should know this by now. He’s been traded from multiple teams because of an inability to fit in to a locker room but holy shit was this a power move. Is Dougie Hamilton cool now? I can’t tell. If you guys could help, let me know.

Also, if you’re Brock Nelson, I know you shouldn’t start a battle royal in the handshake line but that would be tough not to. You and your team just got swept and you were basically just wet willied on national television.


Wars have been started for less. The scientist has an entire summer to think about what Dougie has done to him. Logically, you’d think that this is just a quick thing to be forgotten, but I am a grudge guy and would not sleep until Dougie felt the wrath of Ked. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Author: Ked

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