Absolute Power Move By Blues Fan In Last Nights Game 7

After the buzz from game 6 where smoke show Stars fan, Natalie Gauvreau, sat behind the Stars bench a Blues fan came in hot for game 7 with a power move. This guy dressed up as Natalie for game 7 and sat in full costume the entire game. Drinking beers and enjoying the game 7 win with one of the best seats in the house. I want to give this guy a huge shoutout because to even think of doing something like this deserves a stick tap. But to actually dress up is on another level. Touché dude. I would like to think that this power move was the reason why Dallas struggled all night long. Maybe the Blues should bring him back for the conference finals?

Thank you Facebook user for putting this mash up together!

Also, I’ll admit I had no idea who this girl was. Apparently she is an actress, but mostly known for being an Instagram model. Whoever she is, if she’s single, she needs to take this guy out because that’s the type of guy that can handle the spotlight and give her a run for her money.

-Papa Whales

PS: Here are some shots of Natalie from her Insta…..you’re welcome.




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