This Guy Ruined Kevin Shattenkirk For The New York Rangers

Time flies man. It was only a couple years ago that Rangers fans were thrilled that Kevin Shattenkirk took a hometown discount to play for his childhood team. If you don’t know, this contract ended up not being good. Was it Wade Redden level? I don’t think so, but after an injury during his first year with the Rangers, Kev came back with little to no wheels and played under a Lindy Ruff defensive scheme with little to no defense. The Rangers bought out Shatty and I understand why. They save a ton of cap space this year and with not that many people to sign next year, the 6+ million dollars of empty cap space doesn’t hurt as terribly as it could have.

From the start of this Shattenkirk era, I didn’t feel great. The Rangers have an awful history of giving B+ defenseman A++++ deals in their prime/out of prime years in hopes that they play well but they never actually do. I knew we were beyond fucked once I saw this MSG commercial play 2 times a commercial break for an 82 game season.


Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.55.01 AM.png

Can you imagine if this dweeb wasn’t stroking it to Kevin before he even got to really play with the Rangers? What could have been?! The possibilities are endless! But he had to have his 30 seconds (times 2 per break, times 30+ breaks, times 82 games) fame and poke the hockey gods. Instead of begging a professional hockey player to be your girlfriend, can we please move on and just let them play? ALSO, MSG FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, can we limit the Kakko / Panarin / Trouba / Kravstov commercials this year and just let them play. No more super fan advertising. Get the pucks deep, throw the body, score some goals, make some saves, develop some kids, and win some hockey games.

Author: Ked

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