Kuznetsov Suspended After Testing Positive For Booger Sugar

Let’s rewind a few month back when Evgeni was caught on camera with a “white substance.”

Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov says he has “nothing to hide” after a video emerged of him hanging out in the presence of what appears to be a white powdery substance.

This week, a 20-second video was shared online that shows Kuznetsov hanging out in what looks to be a hotel room. As he engages in what seems to be a FaceTime conversation on his phone, two lines of white powder can be seen next to a rolled up dollar bill on table mere feet away. Kuznetsov is never seen taking or even acknowledging the substance.

The video has since been deleted by the original poster, but not before being widely dispersed and picking up steam on social media.

First of all, I love how we say “white powder”. Dog, it ain’t anthrax, it’s the cocaine. Now some of you dumb dumbs believed what Kuznetsov had to say but it was pretty obvious that he was skiing the slopes that night.


Fast forward to today and well, ya hate to see it.

CLASSIC. Russians love to party, hockey players love to party. What do I think about this? I’m indifferent. Shit happens, life is life. The biggest takeaway is that he won’t be able to participate in the Olympics next time it comes around, if the NHL even plays in it. Caps fans, are you mad? Or are you just disappointed?

Author: Ked

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