What is Going on With Patrik Laine?

TONS of RFAs are yet to be signed but none have come out with worrying quotes like Patrik Laine. The first set of quotes came a few days ago when he was interviewed by Chris Johnston of TSN.

He just doesn’t know if that somewhere will be Winnipeg.

“Well you never know. It’s still business, you’ve got to be prepared for anything,” Laine said Friday. “But yeah, you never know where you’re going to play next year so I’m just prepared for anything.”

The response was open-ended enough that it begged an obvious follow-up: Does he still want to play for the Jets?

“Well I’ve got nothing bad to say about Winnipeg, you know? It’s been good so far. But you never know, so that’s kind of my comments.”

I wouldn’t call these quotes doom and gloom but its not exactly somebody saying “all the right things” such as, “I hope we get a deal done, I love playing on the Jets” or “Just ridin’ the Winnipeg wave, brother.” I thought this was interesting but nothing too outrageous, until I woke up this morning and saw this quote on reddit.

Laine, on his deployment: “I think everyone who’s seen the games have noticed how I feel and think about it. Of course you want to play with the best and I haven’t gotten that chance yet. I hope I get that chance at some point in my career.”

Again, it’s not like he’s demanding a trade but he’s also not making Winnipeg Jet fans feel any easier. Laine had a “rough” year in a sense that he went on an insane dry spell but nonetheless still wound up with 30 goals. There was also some Fortnite “drama” brought up, but from an outsider looking in (remember in 2018 I pledged myself as a member of the Whiteout “Whiteout Ked”), this doesn’t look all that promising? What’ll happen? Who knows, I wouldn’t be shocked if he just re-signs in WPG and they live happily ever after. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he’s shopped. Only time will tell but I think it’s safe to say, as a 2018 member of the whiteout, I’m not too hopeful about this situation.

Author: Ked

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