Preseason Game 4: Rangers Flyers

Going to start doing quick recap blogs after Rangers games. Just gonna babble some key takeaways, what we should be happy about, what we shouldn’t.  It’ll be fun to compare the notes now to game 82.

I waited all day at work to get out and watch Rangers hockey. The preseason winding down I was expecting to see some jam, some heart. What happened? Maybe the ugliest game I’ve seen since AV was the coach. Sloppy, choppy, no flow. With only a game left you’d expect guys to be buzzin working for spots. Disappointed.

  • Henrik looked outstanding. He keeps talking about feedback and if there’s anything coming his ways it’s so exactly what you did tonight. Hanks always better when he’s putting pressure on shooters and staying square with the puck.
  • Chytil looked better tonight, was noticeably quick and around the puck. Needs to be better with puck battles but that will come with time as he grows. He has jets when he wants to use them. Hopefully this will be a turning point and he’ll consistently build off this.
  • This was a game Greg McKegg needed to stand out and he didn’t. Shame. I love Kegger, love how he reminds me of a Dom Moore. Don’t think he’ll make it but It’ll be nice to have him in case of Injury though.
  • Kakko and Kravy looked to be fighting it a bit tonight. 3rd NHL game and didn’t look out of place. Sky is the limit for these two. Almost wish I could fast forward for when they start rippin it up.
  • Andersson, have one kid! He’s come back, looks stronger and more sure of himself. Will be a nice addition if he can lock down other teams forwards. Nice to see coach giving him quality PK time on the 4-3 with Strome in the box in OT.
  • DeAngelo is by far the best Dman we have that can make a quick stretch pass the other way. As always, love his chippiness and willingness to stick up for teammates. Watching him and Lemmy this year will be a treat.
  • How many times have we seen Smitty helmetless after a whistle? Smitty being Smitty.
  • Hajek played a quiet game, something you like to see for a young defenseman. Kid can defend half way decent for someone that young.
  • How many times are we going to have to hear Joe stroke it to Marc Staal?
  • I thought lemmy was one of the best forwards all night. Worked hard, mixed it up. The white stick makes me think he’s wheeling out there without one. One of my favorite pick ups, can’t wait to watch him for a full season.
  • If you guys remember, Mika normally goes backhand, forehand on shootouts and for the most part is decently automatic. Tonight, though, my god. Makes Hart bite on that, then a quick move to the backhand and it’s game over. FLOORED it upstairs, torqued.

One more preseason game to go. I’ll be at dinner but I’ll DVR it and write another one Sunday sometime.

Our podcast is coming back Monday morning. If you guys have any thoughts or questions shoot it our way or call the hotline.

Rangers fans! Comments on the game? Leave them in the comments. It’ll be a good spot people can go to talk Rangers. Lets create ourselves a little community.

Can’t wait for this season to start.

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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