I LOVE Adam Lowry Answering The Bell From a Hit on Tuch, Fights Ryan Reaves

I see it time and time again from the anti fighting crowd. That goons serve no purpose, that they don’t police the game and that the NHL should be about skill, skill, skill. I really wish they just made a no contact league where all of those people could go and watch so I don’t have to see their tweets about what is wrong in the world but this right here was cool.

After a questionable hit on Knights stud Alex Tuch, Lowry knew he’d have to answer the bell. I don’t believe the hit was malicious but instead of bitching and complaining, Lowry knew he’d have to go with Knights enforcer Ryan Reaves. The big boys squared up at the next face-off and handled it as hockey players should. The fight was a draw in my opinion and I just thought it was a very cool thing for Lowry to do. At the end of the video, you see him talking to Reaves in the box, I’m sure explaining that there was no ill intent.

This was just two big men squaring up, going toe to toe and it was awesome. Lowry did the honorable thing while Reaves was doing his job. Somewhere people are crying about this but I loved it.

Oh, pretty funny quote too.

Author: Ked

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