Robin Lehner Sounds Like He Didn’t Have a Great Time in Buffalo

“I played for arguably the worst defensive team in the league for three years in Buffalo so it’s nothing new, and I put up good numbers.”

Yeeeeesh. For what it’s worth, it is true. Check out Robins numbers here:

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 10.31.25 AM.png

If you follow the pod, you know that Hal and I are big neck tattoo guys. Why? Because anyone with a neck tattoo has seen some shit, battled / lived through some shit, and is someone you always want on your side if shit ever hits the fan. After carrying the Islanders to the ‘yoffs Lehner has had a decent start to the ’19-20 campaign with a .939 SV% in 8 games.

I don’t really know the context here but it sounds like Lehner wanted people to know

1.His self worth


2.His ex was a toxic place to be

The Sabres are playing pretty good hockey right now but tbh we always go through this so will they go back to being the Sabres we normally know and love or become a potential playoff team? Only time will tell but just remember they were dog shit when Robin Lehner was between the pipes.

Author: Ked

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